At Ikon we
strive to build
dynamic working relationships.


Introducing Ikon

Ikon Building is one of New Zealand's most dynamic construction companies. Established in 2006 by Fred Lin, the company has completed a number of multi million dollar contracts, with a wealth of knowledge and accumulated expertise to deliver projects throughout the Auckland region.

The company has a reputation for completing complex and challenging projects to the highest industry standards, safely, on time and within budget.


Our vision at Ikon building is:

"To be New Zealand's  best residential project delivery and  building company."

The key to Ikons Buildings success is three-fold:

  • A team of highly skilled project managers and specialist construction staff who are committed to innovation and excellence.
  • Strong emphasis on project management and working collaboratively to deliver each project to schedule and exceed client expectations.
  • Meticulous project planning and reporting processes for effective management, resource co-ordination and financial control of each project.